Meetup - Thursday 24th October 2019 at The ODI Node in Leeds

We're mixing things up again and holding the meetup on Thursday 24th October at the ODI Node in Leeds for an evening of devops thoughts and experience sharing. We're super excited to have Joshua Van Leeuwen from Jetstack talking Kubernetes Operators, plus Dave Whyte and Andy Humphrey of Auto Trader to tell us about their public cloud migration.

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We’re mixing things up again and holding the meetup on Thursday 24th Octoberat the ODI Node in Leeds for an evening of devops thoughts and experience sharing.

  • 6:45 - 7:15 : Doors open, have a chat, make some new devops friends
  • 7:15 - 7:25 : Group updates/news/announcements
  • 7:25 - 8:05 : From v1alpha1 to v1 - Kubernetes Operators
  • 8:05 - 8:20 : Intermission
  • 8:20 - 9:00 : The Dawning of a New Era - Auto Trader
  • 9:00 - late : Social

Our first speaker of the evening is Joshua Van Leeuwen from Jetstack, he’ll be giving a technical talk on kubernetes operators entilted “From v1alpha1 to v1 - how an operator turns 1.0”. The cert-manager project is a x509 certificate management tool for Kubernetes, which is moving to 1.0. This step is significant, not only because of the work it represents, but the decisions and commitments Jetstack have to make in order to be a ‘responsible citizen’ in the ecosystem. Joshua will explain:

  • A Quick overview on kubernetes operators
  • What stable means in Kubernetes
  • Getting Custom Resource Defintions to be ‘ready for consumption’
  • How cert-manager implemented these changes ‘in-flight’
  • What changes were made to cert-manager
  • What’s next for the project

Our second talk of the evening is from Dave Whyte and Andy Humphrey of Auto Trader.

Dave Whyte is an Operations Squad Lead at Auto Trader UK. Over the last 13 years Dave has played a key part in continually evolving IT Operations department which has resulted in enviable levels of stability, availability and performance. This has been achieved through the practical implementation of ITIL processes and adapting to ever increasing organizational agility.

Andy is the Head of Customer Operations at Auto Trader. Andy has led the way in integrating different approaches such as Lean, Agile and DevOps across a broad range of operational and delivery teams.

Auto Trader is the largest digital automotive marketplace in the UK, currently in the middle of a journey migrating all apps and services from two dedicated datacentres to the Public cloud, this talk will cover a brief synopsis of what they do, the need to move to the public cloud, and will give a ‘warts n all’ coverage of what worked and what didn’t.

First Time Attendees

Here at LeedsDevops we understand that coming along to your first meetup can be an anxious experience, walking into a large room full of people might be daunting. So when you arrive at the meetup we’ll have an additional small room for new attendees to make friends with other first time attendees. Then shortly before the start we’ll show you into the main room helping make the whole experience less intimidating (but honestly there’s nothing to worry about the LeedsDevops crowd is a friendly bunch). We’ll also use this room as a quiet space between the talk for those that don’t want to join the discussion.


We’re continuing to expand the range of refreshments on offer, there will be a wide range of quality soft drinks, teas and coffees, water, craft beer, cider and wine - a massive thanks to our sponsors Infinity Works for their continued support and sponsorship.


The ODI Node Leeds is situated at Munro House, on Duke Street. If you want to find out more about the ODI details can be found at

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