Meetup - Thursday 6th December 2018 at The ODI Node in Leeds

We're going to see the new year out in style at The ODI Node in Leeds on Thursday 6th December 2018.

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We're going to see the new year out in style at The ODI Node in Leeds on Thursday 6th December 2018:

6:45 - 7:15 : Doors open, have a chat, make some new devops friends
7:15 - 7:25 : Group updates/news/announcements
7:25 - 8:05 : DevTest Microsoft stack environments.
8:05 - 8:20 : Intermission
8:20 - 9:00 : Terraform 0.12 guided tour

Our first speaker is Sam Williams, Sam has been in the IT industry for nearly 15 years. Having qualified in the pharmacy industry his career has been tightly coupled with healthcare. He has worked primarily on the operational side of IT, for the last 7 years providing technical solutions for delivering large enterprise applications to NHS organisations for EMIS Health. Today he focuses on how they can deliver faster and to more complex environments.

Sam will walk you through how EMIS are exploring and adopting a hybrid on-prem-cloud solution along with the Hashicorp toolset, to provide more efficient DevTest environments for some of their monolithic applications in a very traditional Microsoft stack software house.

Our second talk is from Nicolas Corrarello of Hashicorp. He says "The times, they are a changing. Generalised splat operators, GRPC, for loops. Join me on a quick tour of the new features of Terraform 0.12”

Nicolas Corrarello's background includes 6+ years of Unix and Windows Server system administration roles, managing AIX/Solaris/Linux and different versions of Windows Server (2000 AS and above) systems in different companies. Nicolas also worked two years as a support engineer and instructor/examiner for Red Hat delivering RHCE/RHCA courses. As an open source enthusiast, he has more IT in his house than appliances. While he spent years doing things manually, he’s now a firm believer that the IT practice needs to evolve and rise to the challenges of current times. He's currently the Regional Director for Hashicorp’s Solutions Engineering team in Europe.

Once again we say a massive "Thank You" to Infinity Works for sponsoring the refreshments and lodgings for the evening, ensuring there are plenty of our favourite refreshments and soft drinks in supply.


The ODI Node Leeds is situated at Munro House, on Duke Street. If you want to find out more about the ODI details can be found at

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