Announcing our New Sponsor - Contino

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's with great pride we announce our new group sponsor.

Posted by LeedsDevops on Wed, Sep 10, 2014
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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's with great pride we announce our new group sponsor.

To date, our meetup events have been sponsored on an ahdoc basis by numerous companies affiliated to our speakers or invited at our discretion.

We have been looking for a regular sponsor, but wanted to make sure they were in line with our ethos and had the objectives of the group at heart, we didn't simply want to side with a company that wanted to sell stuff, we wanted a sponsor that closely understood our values and what we are about.

So after a long search it is with great pride we are pleased to announce that the regular sponsor for the group is Contino


Contino are a UK based consultancy specialising in DevOps and Continuous Delivery. They help organisations deliver better software, faster, by automating their infrastructure and releases, and getting key technology stakeholders collaborating together more effectively.

We've spoke to a number of different companies about sponsoring the group, but Contino were head and shoulders above the others, not only do they have fantastic technical skills they also understand the importance of getting people to work effectively together. Of course they are looking to speak with organisations who are wanting to adopt DevOps like tools, practices and approaches. But they also want to to get involved and support the devops community across the UK.

So from now on Contino will be footing the bill for our venue hire and a few beers at our meetups. We're really thrilled to have them on board. Please visit for more information, check out their blog at, or follow them on Twitter at @ContinoUK.