Notes from Inaugural Meetup

Here's a recap of the discussions from our first meetup

Posted by LeedsDevops on Sat, Nov 2, 2013
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Brewery Tap Leeds - 14/10/13@7:00pm

The agenda for the evening was:

  • Short presentation about the group and proposed ideas.
  • Discussion on what the group should be representing.
  • Ideas for future meetups including format and topics.
  • Appeal for helpers, speakers, sponsors and publicity

Attendees from Label Media, Flo Design, Sky Bet, Brighthost, Canonical, Corecom, MadeByPi and others.


Group founder @andyburgin presented his view on what the group should be about and it's objectives, this was recived well and encouraged a discussion on who the group should be for. It was highlighted that many smaller digital firms in Leeds were already practicing DevOps but were unaware of the movement. Proposed that the group should aim to talk to other development groups in the city to spread the word.

Agreed should meet 2nd Monday of the Month, later in the evening subsequently revised to a Tuesday as it means 3 atendees additional attendees could make it (although noted that this clashed with Leeds Hackspace evenings).

Agreed meetups should have a main speaker, with a shorter opening presentation on a subject for the evening.

Date for November meetup TBC as 2nd Monday/Tuesday would clash with DevopsDays conference in London. Agreed no meetup in December, start regularly in Jenurary 2014.

Email discussion list should be setup to aid communication between atendees.

The evening then decended into a drink fuled discussion about LUGs, ReiserFS, JuJu, UbuntuOne, Logstash and RepRaps.


Presentation files are available from Please download the BebasNeue font from if you want it to look right, note the is in Libre Office format.