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We're looking for voices, hands, sponsors and speakers, can you help ?

Posted by LeedsDevops on Fri, Sep 13, 2013
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Ok, so we're looking for...

Voices - to promote this group to whoever and however you can, but twitter might be a simple starting point, please retweet stuff.

Hands - to help run the group, from posting stuff to twitter or tumblr, to organising meetups.

Sponsors - we don't need a huge amount of cash, just enough to pay for the hire of the function room at a pub in Leeds, maybe a bit extra for a bite to eat and Beer. 

Speakers - if we're going to have meetups we'll need something to talk about, be it cool stuff, practical stuff or opinionated rants - come and share your thoughts and ideas, 5 mins to 1 hour, length isn't important, it's what you do with it :-).

If you can help then get in touch via @leedsdevops or emailing "info at" - be great to hear from you.