Attending a Meetup

What is a Meetup ?

There are many different interpretations of the word DevOps, it was intentionally left without a definition so the paradigm could evolve over time. The organising team for LeedsDevops see DevOps as a combination of technology, people and organisations - our meetup talks and panels reflect those aspects.

Our events start in the early evening allowing enough time for those that don’t work in central Leeds to get to the venue and for those that do enough time to grab something to eat beforehand. Once you’ve arrived at the venue find a seat and have chat with the other attendees (we believe this is sometimes known as “networking”, we prefer to see it as being friendly). There will be two talks on the evening (each is usually about 40 mins) covering the topics of technology, people and organisations - this may be a case study or a tutorial.

Why Attend ?

Meetups are a great way to learn, this might be a new technology or from the experiences of others. It’s also an opportunity to share your thoughts and find others that are having similar problems and solutions. You’ll also find out what DevOps related projects and activities companies are doing in the city, who knows that might even lead to some interesting career options.

If you’re not comfortable talking with people you don’t know you’re also welcome to come along and simply enjoy the talks.


Details of the event will be published on this website and on + eventbrite, you need to RSVP on or register for a ticket on eventbrite (not both).

We generally offer around 100 places for each event, we ask that you only take one if you are sure you can attend. The meetups tend to be popular and that means that some people will miss out, so if you do have a ticket and can’t make it please cancel it so that it can go to a good home.

Code of Conduct

Remember that meetups are meant to be fun, people from different social backgrounds, industries and technologies attend, so when you are talking to people please consider what and how you speak. Basically, be nice, be friendly, be respectful and don’t be a Jerk. Here’s the short version of the Code of Conduct:

LeedsDevops is dedicated to providing harassment-free meet up experiences for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of meetup participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any meet up venue or online discussion, including the talks. LeedsDevops members violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the group at the discretion of the group’s organisers.

Full version is available at