What is a LeedsDevops ?

LeedsDevops is a technology meetup in Leeds about DevOps (you can see we thought long and hard about the name). It’s a get together for a like-minded people who want to exchange ideas and collaborate whilst enjoying presentations about DevOps. There are many interpretations of DevOps, but we see it as the combination of technology, people and organisations easing the practice of getting code into production (and keeping it running). Each meetup typically has two 40 minute talks about the aforementioned topics, this could be a tutorial on using a technology or a case study sharing experiences and lessons learned.

A Brief History of LeedsDevops

The meetup was formed back in the autumn of 2013, the first meetup was held in an upstairs room of the Brewery Tap in Leeds and attended by around 6 people. Fast forward to 2019 and we’ve had over 40 meetups with industry renowned speakers and many local practitioners sharing their DevOps experiences. We typically give away 100+ tickets for each meetup and are usually snapped up by the community we have built within a few hours.

Get Involved

If you’d like to come along to one of our meetups then keep checking this website or follow @leedsDevops on twitter. Further details about coming to a meetup can be found on the attend page or if you are interested in speaking please see our speakers information.